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Computer Skills Class


We offer free one-on-one computer skills classes to our DKA clients. Ask your DKA job developer or PDE/ESC instructor about signing up for computer classes.

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Our Class Offers:

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user who just needs a refresher, our computer class can enhance your skills and make you more marketable in today's digital world. 

Our one-on-one instruction gives you the personalized assistance you need to improve your understanding of how you can use technology such as computers and the internet to help you gain employment. 



Classes are personalized and tailored to meet you where you taking into consideration your learning style, computer experience, physical and mental barriers, and abilities.


You are given the opportunity to ask your instructor questions and receive direct support during your class.

Overcoming Barriers

Your instructor will work with you to determine your technological barriers and assist you in finding ways to overcome them. This includes but is not limited to learning about speech to text, which website and search engines will be good references, etc

Basics and Fundamentals

Since classes are catered to each individual client, the lessons taught will greatly vary.


In most cases the instructor will begin with the basics and fundamentals including but not limited to typing practice and exercises, explanation of important computer functions, keyboard shortcuts, cut/copy/paste, how to create an email, attach files to and send a professional email vs an informal email,

Job-Searching Skills

Computer use is now so common in the world of work that many job applications are done entirely online. Your computer instructor will work with you to develop crucial skills to look for employment online including but not limited to, how to search for and fill out applications online, which online job-finding websites are the best one to use and how to navigate them, using VLOOKUP and Pivot Charts in Excel.

Microsoft Office Programs

Once you have mastered the basics and fundamentals, you will learn how to use Microsoft office programs with confidence and ease. Programs include but aren't limited to Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.

Increase your Marketability

Through DKA's computer classes, you will learn many valuable technological skills that top employers are seeking in our community. These skills can be added to your resume to boost your chances of getting hired.

I'm taking computer classes at DKA twice a week and it's going very good. I learn everything from the basic computer to whatever needs I need. It's help unbelievable. I sometimes think if I even deserve this place. It's a really nice and pleasant place to be and learn.

- L.I.

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