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Work Adjustment Trainings

Get paid to train during our 3-month work experience internships. Receive hands-on training in real worksites while you build new skills, and strengthen your soft skills, all while building your resume and your confidence. Our compassionate job coaches will supervise and offer you support as you learn.

Archive Digital Advantage

DKA started Archive Advantage in 2000 as a way to teach our clients with computer interests and aptitude how to digitally convert old outdated media and data to electronic files or more current technology.  We have scanned and archived thousands of files for banks, medical offices, law enforcement, and many other businesses as well as for personal customers.  We also scan photos, and convert videos, 38 mm film, vinyl records, and many other types of media into user friendly computer files or updated formats.

At Archive Digital Advantage you will learn to use the computers and scanning equipment to digitize our customers files, photos etc., and learn about the demands of keeping up with a production schedule and customer satisfaction. 

Pak Mail

DKA owns and operates a Pak Mail Franchise where you can learn the skills needed to make custom boxes and crates, and package and ship items including medical equipment, fine arts, antiques, motorcycles, gems, sculptures, furniture, and anything else you can think of.  You will see that our motto, "we ship anything anywhere" is true. 

Pima County Department of Transportation

For over 20 years, DKA has partnered with Pima County to provide document scanning and archiving for the Department of Transportation.  Our clients work on the department's records, maps, blueprints, and other documents vital to the county.  These documents must be properly entered into their computer for future reference and be easily accessible and readable. 

DK Advocates Receptionist Training


DKA's busy front desk is a great place to learn how to work in an office setting.  You will gain experience in managing the many tasks required of an office receptionist including answering multiline phones, greeting customers, and using office equipment such as postage meters, copy/fax machines, and shredders.  Our trainees are also given the opportunity to improve their computer skills through typing tutorials, use of Microsoft Office calendars, email, and Excel spreadsheets.

Our Worksites


DK Advocates and Pak Mail Janitorial Training


Looking to kickstart your career in janitorial work? Look no further! At both our Pak Mail business and DKA offices, we offer comprehensive training in effective cleaning methods, proper chemical usage, sanitation protocols, and essential soft skills crucial for today's competitive job market. Gain hands-on experience, understand the needs of businesses, and enhance your resume for a rewarding future in custodial services.

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