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Employability Skills Class

Seeking and Maintaining a job


Work is something we all do every day. We work, whether that be getting dressed, fixing a meal, walking the dog, or going to a formal 9-5 job.  Work is a part of our lives whether we like it or not. For some of us however, work has taken on a negative meaning. When we think of work, we think of demands, expectations, stressors, and anxiety.

If you have struggled with finding work, maintaining work, or managing your life around work then this one-on-one class is for you! Our employability skills class will help you make decisions that will enhance your success and enjoyment in the world of work.



"They helped me find my true potential through ability above disabilities."



Employability Skills Class topics include: 

  • Develop an ability to self-advocate

  • Improve communication skills

  • Explore personal values and skills

  • Learn what your rights are as a worker

  • Learn how to disclose your barriers to employment including criminal history or disabilities

  • Discover how to create dynamic applications and resumes

  • Identify and develop your support system

  • Set comprehensive goals designed to make your professional life easier to manage

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