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Who Are We?

"We help people become employable and employed."

This has been our mission statement for over 35 years.  We believe there is a job for everyone, and it is our goal to help each person find their place in the world of work.  

DKA's employment services are funded through *Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and AHCCCS behavioral health services.  We offer assistance with career counseling, career exploration, resume writing, job applications, introductions to employers, on-line job search tools, and preparation for interviews.  We also help our clients improve the important "soft skills" needed to compete in today's job market.  We have contracts with Arizona Complete Health (AZCH), Banner Health, American Indian, and United Healthcare. 

What can DKA do for you?

Job Seekers - 

Do you need help finding a job?  We can help you overcome your obstacles to employment with a personal coach, hands-on job training, and skills classes at no cost* to you.  DKA specializes in helping clients who are looking for employment by providing them with services and ongoing support according to the SAMHSA evidence-based best practice model.

Business Owners - 

If you are a local business looking to hire potential candidates, DKA can help you fill your staffing needs.  Our participants are ready to work, motivated, and are supported by a personal employment specialist to ensure long-term employment.  Possible employer incentives include Federal and State tax credits and wage sharing with state Vocational Rehabilitation(VR) services.


"My job developer not only explained the program, he made me feel accepted and glad I was to be part of DKA." 

"For the first time in a while I believe in myself. And that truly is thanks to my trainer and everyone else here I've had the privilege of working with and getting to know."

Is Your Business Hiring?

Find the perfect fit for your company.  Hiring doesn't have to be a gamble.  Our clients are coached, trained, and supported to promote permanent job commitment. Support a strong community by hiring our clients.

Community Partnerships

We partner directly with local organizations that support and advocate for people looking to become employable and employed.

DKA coordinates services with our partners to provide personalized assistance.

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Providing mail, package, crate and freight services in the Tucson metro area.  

 Expert Testimony
 DKA provides expert testimony for defense and plaintiff cases related to employment, disability, LEC (Loss of Earning Capacity), reasonable accommodations, assistive technology, RTW (Return To Work) issues, the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and other employment laws.

*Potential clients must be referred by DES Vocational Rehabilitation, or if they are receiving AHCCCS health benefits and are enrolled with either Arizona Complete Health (AZCH), Banner Health, American Indian, or United Health Care, they can complete a self-referral and will meet with our staff for a clinical assessment to determine eligibility*