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Our Story

"We Help People Become Employable and Employed."

“We contract with federal, state and local entities as well as private businesses to create employment opportunities for people who want to work and the employers who need them.”

-Dot Kret

Interview with CEO/President/Founder Dorothy 'Dot' Kret, right


Street view of DK Advocates office at 1502 E Broadway

Our Founder: Dorothy “Dot” Kret founded DKA with the aim of providing community employment services for vulnerable populations by providing job training, job development, assessment and placement.  Dot has dedicated her company to helping people with barriers to employment become employable and employed.

Since 1983, DKA has been a valuable part of the Tucson community, helping people with barriers to employment to become employable and employed. Throughout the years, we have aided those struggling with mental and physical disabilities, homelessness, criminal histories, a lack of education, substance abuse, limited work experience, and many other barriers to employment in order to improve their lives through supported employment.  We believe that everyone is employable and we work with our clients to help them find and keep fulfilling jobs. By working closely with our clients to build their work skills, life skills, and real-world job experience, we’re really building their confidence, independence, and self-esteem – the foundation for any job. Our compassionate, qualified, and professional staff will provide personalized coaching and encouragement to help you reach your career goals. Our programs are free for qualified participants and our DKA team is always ready to answer questions and help you on your path to employment*.

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DKA Subsidiaries:

DKA offers job skills training through our company owned and operated businesses.

  • Pak Mail - offers training in a busy packing, crating, shipping and freighting business. 



  • Archive Advantage offers training in digital conversion and archiving of media of all types. 

   Help us achieve our mission by supporting our businesses!        

Archive Advantage Website

“DKA is always looking for new ways to do things, and they always put their clients first.”
– Dan Haley, CEO, Hope, Inc.

DKA Legal and Professional Services:

DKA provides expert testimony for defense and plaintiff cases related to employment disability, LEC (Loss of Earning Capacity), reasonable accommodations, assistive technology, RTW (Return To Work) issues, the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), and other employment laws.  Dorothy "Dot" is an expert in disability management, accommodation and projected wage loss, vocational rehabilitation, behavioral health administration, and case management.



Our participants are:

  • Ready to work

  • Trained and supported by employment experts

  • Willing to receive comprehensive, one-on-one or small group assistance throughout the entire job search process

  • Funded by AHCCCS, Vocational Rehabilitation, or Arizona@Work


  • Computer training

  • Work site training

  • Short-term work experience

  • Resume building and cover letter preparation

  • Barriers to employment counseling

  • Employability case management

  • Various special grant programs including Working with Women and Justice Programs

  • Men's professional clothing closet


Services will be delivered based on the SAMHSA supported Employment Best Practice model:

  • Supported employment services are integrated with comprehensive mental health treatment when applicable

  • Competitive employment is the goal

  • Personalized benefits counseling is available

  • Job search starts soon after clients express interest in working

  • Follow-along supports are continuous

  • Client preferences are of key importance

DKA has worked on establishing good relationships with our community partners and would like to thank them for working with us and our clients. If you would like to partner with us please reach out at 520-790-7677 or send an email to

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