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Personal Development Class

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A Step in the Right Direction

Work can be a tremendous blessing, but it can also be extremely stressful. Our Personal Development Class offers two weeks of daily instructions designed to teach you strategies to improve the way you manage the everyday and the unplanned stressors of life.  As you prepare for employment, this class will provide you with skills that will improve your self-management and help you gain resilience to the ups and downs of life.



"I have had such

an awesome experience

with the PDE classes and at Archive. Much kudos to my teachers." -DM

Personal Development Class topics include:


  • Establish the ability to self-manage your physical and mental health 

  • Learn to advocate for yourself and navigate community resources

  • Gain an understanding of positive self-talk

  • Acquire a growth mindset

  • Increase your personal and social supports

  • Identify goals and the steps needed to achieve them

  • Reclaim your life through the development of a personalized wellness plan

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