Working with Women Program

Funded by the AZCH COVID Relief Fund, we seek to provide support by helping women find and succeed in local recovery support specialist training programs, and/or basic or continuing education.

Upon completion of certificate program, we will assist our clients in finding and applying for employment in our local behavioral health agencies.

We empower and encourage women 18+ in Pima County to enter the Behavioral Health field as a career by providing guidance, resources, mentorship, and employment assistance.

Benefiting Women by:

  • Helping them to find, enroll in, and get certified in local RSS (Recovery Support Specialist) or PSS (Peer Support Specialist) programs

  • Achieve basic or continuing education goals

  • Find Resources such as child care, financial, housing and more to help them be successful throughout their training and employment

  • Get support while working towards their RSS

  • Become an RSS/PSS

  • Find permanent employment in Behavioral Health in Pima County

  • We will continue to offer support after employment to help them maintain their new position

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