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How to Choose a Stunning Outfit to Nail that Interview!

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

There are many factors involved with nailing a job interview. From the resume to practice questions to research on the company, it can all seem a bit overwhelming. You may be thinking, where do I even start? One of the first impressions that an employer makes about you during your interview is your choice of clothing. Here are 8 tips to help you choose an amazing interview outfit.

1. Research the company to decide which type of outfit would be relevant for that specific interview. For a more formal job interview such as a management position, you should choose something more professional and dressed up such as a suit, while a business casual look like a simple button up collared shirt may be more appropriate for an interview at your local bookstore or a fast-food chain. The most important thing is for you to KNOW the company you are interviewing for inside and out. If possible, check out the place and find out how the employees are presenting themselves. What are they wearing to work?

2. Equally important as deciding what to wear to an interview is deciding what not to wear. Some examples of clothing to avoid wearing to an interview are work-out clothes, dirty shoes or open toed sandals, clothing with stains or holes, clothing that shows off too much skin such as midriff or cleavage, distracting graphic tees or anything that may be considered controversial or profane.

3. If possible, choose solid neutral or dark colors over loud patterns and vibrant colors but if you choose to have an accent piece with a more elaborate color or pattern, limit it to one. An example would be a white button up shirt, black slacks and a bright red purse or tie as an accent piece. When in doubt about which colors to choose, the safest choices are black, brown, blue, grey, tan, and white.

4. What you wear on your feet is also extremely important. Wear comfortable closed-toed shoes. Heels are okay but keep it small. Always make sure your shoes and shoelaces are clean and nice looking.

5. Before your big interview it is extremely important to make sure your hygiene is in check. Be sure to shower, shave, brush your teeth/hair, wear deodorant, the whole 9 yards. You can also choose to wear a bit of scented perfume/cologne but keep it light and simple, not overpowering.

6. For women, don’t go overboard with makeup unless you’re applying to a beauty store. Simple makeup that highlights your natural features is ideal and the same goes for jewelry. When in doubt go small and simple. If you choose to wear a skirt, you should make sure the skirt is an appropriate length and not super short.

7. For men, make sure to get a haircut if necessary or style your hair nicely, a clean shaven look for the face is generally best but if a beard is permitted, then keep it well maintained/groomed/trimmed. Also keep it simple with accessories, a nice simple watch perhaps.

8. After you choose an outfit, show your family and friends, and get second opinions, or better yet, drag your best friend along to the store with you and have them help you pick out the perfect outfit. Nothing beats an extra set of eyes to see what you may not notice at first.

I hope that this list helps and I wish you success. Now go out there and nail that interview!!!

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