Justice Program


Becoming FREE and staying FREE through FREE services.


Our Justice Program team will work directly with returning citizens both post and pre release by assisting with goal-planning, resume building, employment applications and referrals, employability skills and more!

Building Your ship through...

  • ​​Authorship: It’s time to write a new chapter in your life


  • Relationship: Developing

      personal and professional

      relationships that are healthy

      and productive


  • Stewardship: How to handle your finances and invest in your future

  • Mentorship: Job and Personal

      development coaching for life


  • Internship: Assistance in finding internships, and with gaining

      experience in the job market


  • Workmanship: Providing you with resources and referrals to help you find and maintain

      permanent employment


  • Partnership: Partnering with DKA and other community

      organizations to find the

      resources you need in order to

      reenter your community


  • Ownership: It’s your life.

      Take hold of it with pride and


Requirements for Our Justice Program Applicants

  • Must be over 18 years of age

  • Must be a returning citizen from incarceration either pre or post release

  • Must exhibit a desire to improve your life

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Our Justice Team will help you to

  • Determine and address your challenges

  • Assist with providing mentorship, resources, and coping skills to help you overcome your barriers

  • Helping you to achieve your full potential

Justice Program Outreach Coordinator:
Darius Wentz

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